Who Am I?

Hi guys, I am Rumeysa. I was born Kahramanmaraş and after we moved to Istanbul with my family about twenty years ago. Now, I live in Istanbul. If you ask if I love Istanbul… I don’t know. Sometimes, I want to visit all the its streets one by one , sometimes run away..But all I know is I won’t live in Istanbul. I don’t know where I live after Istanbul. I think Istanbul is exhausting me… Traffic, crowds, humidity… Whatever, Istanbul is a place we know.

I graduated ın Industrial Engineer from Karabuk University in 2018. It was 5 hard year but it was worth it! I participated many big projects and activities university time and successfully completed. At least, I think so. They were perfect times! I am currently working in a private company. I think the information about me is enough.


The most important element that leads to the succes is being determined.. If we believe in ourselves and we are determined, ther is nothing that we can’t achieve.